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"The lack of guitar forces Kidder to get some wild sounds from his bass, while Palmer plays like a man possessed."

- Yellow Scene Magazine

"The large Hi-Dive crowd was well into it all, allowing Kidder to take a stage-dive, and the duo ended by smashing up the drum kit. Nice."

- Brett Callwood

"They don’t need anybody else; as a two-piece, they’re making enough uncompromising noise to match bands with way more members. And the thing with being uncompromising is, you don’t have to compromise."

- Westword Magazine

Plastic Daggers are a hard hitting drum and bass duo out of Denver, CO. They fuse a punk rock attitude with fast paced rock n’ roll sounds, high energy vocals and an insane live show.


Members Keaton Kidder and Jordan Palmer were in multiple bands together as childhood friends. They went their separate ways only to reconvene in a new city with a new sound. After their search for suitable bandmates to help realize their musical vision proved unsuccessful they decided to do it themselves.


They are currently planning an e.p. release and tour for the summer of 2016. Join the mailing list for updates!!

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